Thursday, May 31, 2007

How Long Does The Syptoms Of Gonorrhea Disappear

movie sucks sometimes

all assholes!

Yesterday I was once again in the cinema. Pirates of the Caribbean 3 - At Worlds End. Was quite good, but I was not really cut off your feet. I was caught, as I have seen one or the other at the clock, because I found the movie a bit lengthy.

As for me, however, the total abnervt other cinema zombies. Unrecognized, they sit in the dark and go with me their mere presence on dei nerves.

Kraspel, Kraspel, kau, kau, kau. Eat popcorn is so just. Nachos with cheese sauce, I find an olfactory torture. I do not smell it.
tapping the knee in my seat I'm also very happy. This relaxes the spine so glorious.
The Coke is essential to the last Drops are emptied ... Suctioning, slurp, slurp. The
Spätreagierer I particularly love. In the trailer for Ocean 13 says one of the players, "Are you there?". The other answers (the meaning): "The question I hate." No one responded
- 3 seconds later, a very quick flags laughs hysterically. Hahaha ...

there in the film, a 10-minute break. Until then, it has already an eternity sitting in the cinema. It could be that relatives and friends believe in panic to a legally Abbleben. Just call
times during the break and tell you that you can just really bad calls, because you're sitting in the cinema. Ne, is clear. The rest lichesn inmates who do not have gathered for smoking (for 1 1 / 2 hours SURRENDER!) in the zombie lobby, are relieved by the statement.
Kraschpel, kraschpel, slurp, burp, burp - it goes on - 2 Half and feeding supplies.

How about this time with puke green rubber frog maze? YUM!

The film is over.
"then you must wait for the guy, then comes something else!" I heard it from some people.

So I remain patiently sitting on some other bags have the goggle is apparently too. We wait
: First Unit, Second Unit, Dolly Grip, Best Boy, stunt co-ordinates etc. Each flat will be called whistle.

Then finally: Yes after the credits is something else. But
FOR! I stand it 10 minutes longer. Well, thank you!

You can now also RICH GLAMOUR R & B partying in Cinemaxx. FULL FAT with Specials: Sexy Gogos, Man Strip for Ladies
etc. Nice to note right: Only in a sophisticated wardrobe / No GANGSTA DRESS.

And where the flyer?
Poor Germany


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