Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wording For Invitations To Pay For Your Own Meal

water costs

all assholes!

The water in food is not particularly valuable, but very expensive. The Asshole public utilities can be the "precious resource" pay really expensive.
"Spiegel Online" has researched and found out that we, the stupid Essen, bib again the most!
Bochum is directly next door "and then a multi-person household will pay € 270.80 a year, here in Essen: € 428.02! I think that's outrageous. The Ingolstadt-based Sueddeutsche
ONLY € 158.97!

reasoning of the agency:
In the Ruhr area is the cost much higher than in Bavaria, where incurred almost no processing costs.
And further: "This is our pricing is!"

The Consumer calls for a greater contribution of polluters, "There is no reason why the consumer and not pay the polluter (the assholes) to expensive technology in water protection needs. "

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