Monday, July 30, 2007

How Do You Put A Cd Player On A Moped

German abroad!

Yesterday at VOX:
A family is originally from East Berlin wants to get to Norway auswandern.Übers Internet they get a house. The father found a job as a driver. Here in Germany, the family lives of Hartz IV, the wife (49) does nothing - can not find a job. Various thick daughters to the 20, employment crisis. A son-in-waiting - doing nothing. An only daughter, about 19 years old, makes an education. It remains However, in Germany, is the Meschpoke but their 2-year-old daughter (!!!!)? All this I found quite strange.
The Labour Office shall pay the relocation (ie, WE). Bag and baggage, and therefore 2 cars 6 people to go to Norway.
The guy is a nasty fat sack, his Olle looks impossible, the two daughters are thick Polish-dyed blond, overweight and goofy strunz. The two children are innocent.
arrived in Norway, is the first new living space examined. It is a house near the sea and for Norwegian conditions probably quite cheap.

However, the house is still full of furniture - well, that's not so Landlord is a very polite Norwegian, who still tackles with. As a reward he will angeranzt of fat sack, at the last East Berlin dialect. Shit, shit and shit are the preferred words of the family.
you annoyed over the house and it must now something new her. Of course they were
never before in Norway, visited only a "course" and culture and speak only one sentence Norwegian: Do you understand German?
So the best conditions for a new start in a foreign country. Fat Bastard decides for the first time is a new place to try, so he can not take his job on time.
He studied for this purpose his employer to tell him exactly that. Who seemed not to be enthusiastic response, but with Norwegian courtesy.

Two Blonde tablets should therefore make the search for a job. They drift into a supermarket and ask only the best employee for a job - in German. The helpless shrugs his shoulders.
The cows are unnerved, but they're learned her sentence in Norwegian. Tell him but nicht.Schließlich see the store manager who tells them that with him in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and English to communicate. English? No, that is a foreign language, both do not speak (German is already so heavy ...)

The guy in broken that they get a job without knowledge of Norwegian. Giggling, they pull away from. Your reply to the cameraman that the gentlemen require that we learn their shit ---- uh Norwegian.
The course is too much slowing. In the GDR, they needed after all, only German. English has made it deliberately vergessen.Was the 23-year old son-in-law now, you know nicht.Der fat sack then went shopping with his Ollen and has complained loudly about the prices: shit shit here and there, Expensive and Crappy shit Norway.

just 1 week they decide to return to drive home. Your savings are greedy and they drank, the move we have bezahlt.Natürlich The landlord wanted the rent for 3 weeks and the money for the electricity consumed.
And how could it be otherwise: Flodder family will not pay! "For that shit!" They just want to give him
half of the tenants and cough up some of the electricity bill. Of course, that insulted the poor man, as a traitor. In the very worst
jargon. Then she returned from
are then moved to Flensburg (BUSINESS OFFICE PAYS YES!) - There has fatso get a job .....
We do not know, had going on. I was so ashamed of what.


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