Monday, August 6, 2007

Rikers Visiting Days For A -l

stranger in town

Saturdays like to come once strangers from the surrounding food in the metropolis. This happened last Saturday.
An elderly man from W (Double U upper valley) crawled to his vehicle in the direction of parking and the entrance of the parking garage.
seems uncertain, he was first once standing in the driveway, so of course no one had the chance to get into the car park.
He is after all older, non-local and looking in the rearview mirror, you have not learned 1945th He and his wife asked passersby for directions, I could not hear what is said Dermann, but obviously he had to family Wuppertal, way back to take.
Imagine: driveway to the parking garage, my car is 10 cm behind him (because he has slowed down abruptly) and behind me already various vehicles and finally wanted to park once.

upset I did not want me ... Back

means for the driver from the UW: reverse and drive.
Once again, a look in the mirror is not necessary, it is after all non-local.
I knew it already and I honked long and wide.
felt then, the woman called me to explain away the insult. One could but times have a little patience!
I Did! But I would not necessarily be apart from the guy my little car and found there is more than aware of me to warn him accordingly! But I still would

The end of the song! All others had to reset their cars, so the guy could turn his car.


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