Monday, August 20, 2007

High School By Shower


all assholes.

"original food" is held each year. In the inner city bands play on dozens of different stages. From heavy metal to reggae, techno, pop to comedy. Cool thing is this vain
and out is the motto.

people of all ages are represented at this event. In dry Weather nice double.
We were also there on Friday. I watched amused as the young people have gepogt and thought back to the days when I myself was at that age and we did the same.
A beer costs 4 EURO! Find I have been a bit much and I can understand that the boys and girls bring their own drinks. And
clear that even drunk before.

But I was totally annoyed:
A group of young people sitting drinking on the street and Kettwiger.
We go by. The moment right behind us slams a bottle on the pavement.
should I turn around and ask what. Laughter and scorn. No answer.
you put their heads together and laugh.
I'm angry.

few meters further, we again hear clink bottles. When we turn the corner, we again see youngsters making a kick out, throw the bottle into a construction site.
I am still angry and wonder if the most fun?

"Shut up" I get about a young woman replied.
I approached her and asked if that would be funny and what you want then!
"It's only ne site and we should not use the" anpöblen people, "I do not know that I would have used Krafausdrücke and gepöbelt.
brief discussion. We have argued Just that you can stand the bottle or in the nearby (10 meters) throws trash.
No, that's funny and yet we should fuck off and keep us in God and the Bible.
discussion was not possible. Laughter and foolish chatter, was more to be expected.

I often feel so helpless, but not always WANT to look away and tolerate everything!
see how you do it?


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