Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jeans Heels And Sweaters

assholes on benches


Yesterday I again breakneck cycled home. On the road Rüttenscheider an obviously drunk guy sat on a bench. He pimped

, the "rue" there was a traffic jam, I had to dismount from my bike.
bleats The Drunk and gestures. When I look at him, he makes windscreen wiper movements before his sonnenbebrillten Kopp. He also shook the ugly, red beet.
I was wondering what that is.
"Look forward," he stammered and went on with his windshield wipers.
I then copied my hand, this gesture, mimicry is supposed to help create sympathy. Seems to be

failed in this case. He barked and bleated more behind me than I was finally allowed to continue.



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