Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Running Spandex Crazy Designs

cyclists can be assholes

Yesterday I am about 5 KM driven home by the company with the bike. For there is a fine thing if it is not terribly strenuous.
There is only partially cycling and I have to drive a good deal on a narrow, busy shopping street. I have no alternative but to use this road, the sidewalk is also much bevökert.
On the opposite lane and the cars parked a van that stood behind it naturally wanted to quickly stop by. As a cyclist you are so invisible. That one still part of the street is claimed to overlook.
The car that drove toward me just pass me by. He has not hit me, but I have almost torn apart with fear the handlebars and could hear my own scream.
class. Well to start the day.

evening I drove the same route home. The off was full, as it is after 18 clock forever. The traffic jammed up and I had to classify myself, for lack of bike path.
I then decided to go into a side street, which is rather narrow.

behind me turned down with a car engine howling. He played with the gas, but did not pass me by. The road is, as I said, a one-way and right and left parked cars.

He was close on his heels and shoved. Of course I have taken good right before I left and drove slowly up the street. Him hot on his heels. He wanted to scare me and have always been gas and tried to overtake me, what did not work out because he otherwise would have had me umnieten.
At the end of the street he turned to screeching from the right while I was taking a shortcut through a construction site and then at the next main road at the traffic light to stand.
And when he came angebrettert already. He also had to wait at a traffic light. This showed "green" and he shot past with screeching wheels and loud cries of all the other car, overtook on the right and raced like a complete idiot with speeding past at all. So we both were

ASSHOLES! (Has also been good times)


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