Wednesday, August 29, 2007

427 Ss Silverado For Seal

main meal FREE

all assholes!

This story is at least 20 years. I was with my boyfriend in Crete.
We had booked a package holiday and stayed in any hotel in any Beach.
Nothing special.
to explore the island, we have even a motorcycle, sometimes borrowed a car. The main thing is not hanging around all day.
There was a service: Several times a day for a hotel bus to Heraklion. It was free.
Once we are mitgefahren evening and wanted to take the last bus back (in time for Abendfrass!)
When we arrived at the station, there were more passengers than Buspl├Ątze. The left already guessed wrong.
The bus stopped and all tried to push through the door.
A guy has in the doorway, his arms hineingestemmt right and left, so that no one came, except his stupid Meschpoke.

A ruthless woman hit him with her handbag on her arm and shrieked wildly. Others tugged at his clothes.
A ferocious cut and thrust!
We stood outside and watched the battle stunned.
stood next to us a couple who were Belgian. Quick
we agreed to take a taxi together to go to the hotel.

the entire cost of a few ridiculous drachmas! Nothing which would have blown up the holiday fund.
We drove past the bus full of crushed and saw the quarrelsome people.

Some stuck with their faces flattened against the window, it looked funny and we have very amused by the taxi.
were of course before we Arschgeigen in the hotel and waited for the bus.
limping, cursing, sweating and enemies for life they have left the vehicle.

evil eyes have thrown us ... Hehe .. I still laugh at those stupid Bratz.



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