Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crock Pot And Dry Rub

Who issn there?

all assholes!

Inspired by Bense i st occurred to me a story: My phone
düdelte to the skies - no number on the screen now and I am first with
Caller: Nu, who issn there? (In the Free-Saxon)
Me: You called me yet, then you know who I am?
idiot: Nu, but her Nammen SOAG me?
Me: Tell me yours?
asshole: My name is Dieter Dödel and who are you?
Me: What's it to you? What do you want?
Doof-Dödel: Now you tell me her name

was then placed I course, he has once again call attempts I am not gone to the telephone It's clear, or


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