Monday, September 17, 2007

Request For Donation Letter For My Education

speeders on tour

all assholes!

am Yesterday I even drove from Hamburg to eat. It was pretty warm and the motorway was moderately full.
Although I have only a small car, but that can also drive and faster than 100 KM

in right lane of the usual Sunday traffic crawled and I drove quickly to the left. Before me some other cars. We went with about 130/140 pace. I then also like distance in front.

Behind me, some motorcycle riders, who had clung to me almost at the bumpers. It's annoying already.
One of the idiot had to overtake so absolutely right of course. With his moped he's fast times in the right gap, resting like a pig besengte to me and the front man einzuscheren past and then left again, of course, very limited, so that all had to slow down.
A miracle, as if nothing happened.

The other passengers would of course also to the top. A crowded behind me, said he would not have been faster or further, when I go to would take the right lane in front of me were still about 7 million other cars.
What do you do?

Rebuilt left - the left lane! It's logical. Just nice on my car over, just next to the guardrail and the vehicle in front also outpaced the left. I've also noticed only when the asshole went before me. The front man has also enstprechend frightened.
Then he's back over right, right has become obsolete and be forced again and again between the wagon trains.

I myself am a motorcycle driven and if the traffic jams, I think it's perfectly fine when driving motorcycles through the middle.

But such a thing? That's dangerous and shows pronounced stupidity and recklessness! I was really pissed

- and if the would be greased, I would have kept going. Yes, yes, I know: Failure assistance!


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