Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Clipart Pipe And Slippers

scroungers and fraudsters

all assholes

With more and more conscious of it: It's only about money, around cheating, cheating, begging and stealing.

constantly get the feeling across the ear to be cut. Like the other day the guy in the garage, the easy way without having thrown just a peek under the hood, a little babbling of 150 €.

And just as it was. Supposedly it was VIEEEL expensive but he was the par-gooder, so I've paid for some new spark plugs ONLY 150 €.
I think that has something of me ripped off.

And continues: I have rented an apartment 2 years ago. I found it by Property Scout.
The "broker" has shown me the apartment. Supposedly, the landlord has another tenant (determined way, was a lie!)
He had but one apartment in the same house that I get have - and think better.

for his mediation, he has collected a commission of 2 MM. He asked me if I need a receipt. If not, I could save the VAT.
Have I done and pushed him over 700 euros.

The "broker" but turned out to be a property manager who vermakelt additional commercial space.

Now I (and my roommates) know that he is not authorized as a property manager to collect a commission.
The other has issued a normal account, but "accidentally" given the leasing of commercial space. Making yes nothing!

We are all pissed off and it then . Respond He should slide nicely over the coal and yes to me not with: "Can you prove you do not" get. Then I'll show in the ass, even with the tax office and well, a nice article in the local section of our local paper, it is sure to please even high.

We are sure that the landlord has no idea how he exploited his Vertauensstellung.

And so on and so forth. No one has qualms hew to his fellow man a ride. How many times have I already been robbed:

- broken car, everything raugeklaut
- been robbed several times
- - changing rooms train - wallet stolen
- holiday - money stolen from us has the money changers in Bali tried to cheat rupees and us to turn with less zeros!

Why do you always watch? I get so slow a collective hatred for all these fences and stealing!


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