Thursday, October 11, 2007

Used Wedding Decorations Japanese

all assholes!

Do you know these vans? "Sprinter" they are called, or VW Transporter, Fiat Ducato.

These things make me mad. Especially on the highway.
They come in a breakneck races remain stuck to the bumper and have their fingers permanently on the flasher.

you own the highway. It is the drivers no matter what danger they bring in the others driving on the highway. Most are

They also charged - and then still fast enough to push to.

When I see this truck in the rearview mirror, I get foaming at the mouth. For them, applies not like the speed limit for trucks, but "free ride at top speed."

How often these mobile land mines involved in accidents, I would like to know. Can someone
which throttle the engine?


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