Friday, March 7, 2008

How Long Does Cake Mate Frosting Last


Even up to this Saturday is the picture agency fair in Hamburg PICTA. Photo agencies and service providers of the image industry present themselves to the public sector.

A first interim report: The most beautiful state had Master file with a 3D implementation of its actually two-dimensional "Masterfile City", after having worked in the previous year with scaffolding.

state had the most delicious food stock, at the tables, the experts on wine and other ingredients, finally, once (palate) were allowed to experience the touch what they otherwise know only from photographs.

The cheapest Shutter Stock Photos offered to us at 159 beeps per month (or so) wanted to offer 25 frames per day. Booth had the warmest

Juniors Bildarchiv because they find cute pictures of animals and teddy bears distributed equally cloth.

On karitativsten was the state of photo researchers beach of Pearl, who promised to donate money for every business card that was plugged with you, 3 € to a social project.

The legal productive stand was next to the BVPA stand with the "photo market" and "image fees" to the state of the CEPIC, the insufficient scientific work on personal rights and photography in Europe.

Overall, agencies were (dangerous) open to new photographers. How this works is quite simple, was explained. First, some are low-resolution images are sent, then perhaps A meeting agreed. The percentages for the photographer are variable, a provider pays for royalty-free images 20 percent to the photographer. As a rule, means a level cooperation, that contracts are awarded, so it must not pre-produced. PS: Dangerous open, because that is, of course, that there is such thing as permanent employees in this area can be little if any time trainees may be recruited.

The DJV image portal is located at booth number 37 There also general information about the DJV, free journalism and other professional issues can be found. And a free note-block Mousepad for the working day to go ...


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