Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Los Hombres De Paco Live

DJV image portal now imageless with ipicturemaxx and APIS browser

The DJV Image Portal is the first time automatically as an image provider available in the APIS network and can be of picture editors who work with the APIS browser directly selected. In parallel, the DJV image portal is also in the succession System i picturemaxx represented, which can be achieved with the access tools of the my-picturemaxx image buyers. The new presence is the result of a collaboration that the DJV image portal is now discussed with the Munich picturemaxx AG.

"The DJV image portal offers his pictures everywhere, where are the customers: online, via the APIS network and the i-picturemaxx system ", the manager of the DJV-publishing and Service GmbH, said (DJV-V & S) Wolfgang Bickelmann. The DJV-V & S is the operator of the DJV image portal.

The DJV image portal is remain directly accessible via the Internet at www.djv-bildportal.de . more industry-standard interfaces to editors are always produced on request, because the portal uses DJV image on your own server, multi-compatible software Communication Server of the Regensburg Company confessMedia .

The DJV Image Portal is a marketplace for photographers DJV, this bill directly to the editors can. Some 50 photo journalists use this service and offer more than 250,000 images from politics, celebrities / people, business, entertainment, culture, landscape photography and other areas. Also icon images to many different themes are available.

(press release by DJV-V & S, Wolfgang Bickelmann)


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