Friday, February 1, 2008

Do You Get Sore Breasts With Ovarian Cancer

The photojournalist February 2008

The "journalist" of February 2008 is dedicated to several papers and execute # 252; dangerous for the subject photojournalism. René Martens presents his own selection of images of the year (without any ceremony, that's for a novelty in the journalistic trade) and Mirko Borsche interviewed by the art direction of the TIME. Ralf Geisler portrays the photographer Andreas Herzau and Julian J. investigated Rossig what photos are selling today. The core thesis (will not reveal more) is: "paid for thinking". Also, the DJV portal image is presented, the author is the author of these lines.

The booklet will DJV-known members free, otherwise it is available at the kiosks and conventional at the publishing house Rommerskirchen. Regular readers of this blog, the (still) are not members of DJV, but at least in the possession of its own and (photographers) for some time operated photo blogs are obtained, a simple, exceptionally mad offer (with no legal right ...) - they can order the booklet at my site ( and get it sent free of charge . I have reserved but that is made with an overwhelming onslaught of a cut ...


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