Thursday, February 7, 2008

Custom Napkins Upload

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to the closure of Adobe Stock Photos "is a Comment by Thomas Schumann, setphoto / DJV-image portal, Munich:

Finally, occasionally a good message from the image industry!

Adobe After many small, medium, and one or the other even larger image to the supplier with the CS Suite enclosed access to Adobe Stock Photos "made things difficult for these is now closed. Adobe had included a few large players dominating the market anyway at all as a provider. The price war on the backs of the author is working. After last week's Getty photo agency offered for sale, now the images from the business at Adobe.

only hope that Adobe now and again remembers us the tools for our work in terms of improved software such as Photoshop etc. provides, instead of making us competitive.

"Cobbler, stick to your"

Thomas Schumann


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