Thursday, June 24, 2010

Follando Mexicanas En La Oficina

has never been the Finance a property as cheaply as at present.

constantly drop the rates for mortgage loans. This increases the returns of investors and also serves all those who move into a newly acquired property for new prospects. Especially since the rent - especially in urban areas - are currently on the rise. Contributes now at even, that the Federal Court makes a recent ruling in rent - an important message for all real estate investors.
new historical low point of interest during construction
yet never in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany, it was so cheap, a property to finance. The
has announced a few days ago Robert Haselsteiner, founder and CEO of Interhyp AG, a leading real estate financiers in Germany. The previous low point in 2005 had been exceeded. The database of financial advice FMH, which applies in terms of interest rates as a measure documentation leaves no doubt: Such low interest rates were never registered. To average 3.62 percent interest (as in all yield data: June 14, 2010) Real estate loans are currently offered with ten-year term, the best offers (depending on mortgage value) starting even at 3.2 percent. Even with a commit for 15 years stands in interest rates often a three before the decimal point, the nationwide average interest rate in this case is 4.01 percent.
This is a historic opportunity for all real estate investors. Buy a property for rent, can the interest charges from day one to be lower than the benefit. A possible increase in value as well as depreciation of the objects are then one at that.
Since the objects are already established in the market and are also equipped with special safety design, the investor gets here from the first month on a fixed income, from four to five percent. With a good supply of credit to finance interest rate is therefore generally lower than the current income - even if an investor a higher Amount of foreign financing needs than those of many banks in their offers first underlying mortgage lending limits of 60 or 80 percent. And the investor has
equity capital is a property anyway to put alternative. Are falling for credit interest rates further, more than 4 percent return on his savings are almost impossible to achieve with other systems. Federal funds currently only 1.1 per cent is paid on average, can be used for fixed deposit with a 12-month average down 1.3 percent and savings bonds do not keep up with the real estate interest. In a two-year, according to FMH are down 2.6 percent to reach. Money well spent is the capital and, if the purchasing want to move in on the new property. For while the remaining interest burden currently constantly falling, rents are rising steadily in the metropolitan areas of the Republic. For there is the housing market continues below demand, once again shows the newly published figures. The number of building permits in 2009 was around 178 000th This is only minimal increase compared to the absolute low point in 2008. By comparison, ten years earlier - so 1999 - in Germany were more than 437 000 homes have been rebuilt. Even the European scale, the dramatic situation in this country. The national average per 1,000 inhabitants 2.2 dwellings to be built. In a European comparison, Germany to rear.


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