Wednesday, June 16, 2010

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Entertainment - FIFA banned hot mini-Shirts

€ Sport - Wed Jun 16. 09:29:00 2010
When it comes to compliance with the rules, knows the FIFA no mercy. The Dutch had some fans at the game against Denmark to feel bitter, cheering their team with skin-tight "Shirts" of a beer manufacturer. The International Football Association referred them directly from the stadium.
sticking point was that the T-shirts were printed with the logo of "Bavaria Beer". This brand is not an official sponsor of the World Cup, so to beat the FIFA tough.
"It was against the rules," said a FIFA-Charge. But the fans just shake his head, as the Regelwut apparently knows no bounds.
Even at the 2006 World Cup in Germany had the logo of the Allianz-Arena will be removed, because the insurance company was not an official sponsor in Munich.
six months in prison threatened
"The dress is really beautiful, very stylish. In my view, can the fans take this shirt already," said Peer Swinkels of "Bavaria Beer" and added: ". Any fan can actually take what he wants"
Kastein Barbara, who had slipped on such an orange dress, said: "We have been sitting in the front row, have made a lot of noise and the cameras were on us and we sang songs and had so much fun.."
"In the second half were about 40 police and told us that we must leave the stadium. They pushed us up the stairs to the exit. A girl is even thrown," said Kastein.
As reported from the Netherlands, has taken over the police after this "incident" and repeatedly asked if the Oranje fans any employee of "Bavaria Beer" are. "They told us that we have violated the rules of FIFA and against the laws in South Africa."
alleged that the police even threatened that the Dutch fans are less than six months in jail for this offense. Some women have cried then. "It was terrible", said Kastein.
After an hour-long survey of female football fans again set free, but without making a copy of their ID cards. The shock is still low ...


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