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Neetu Singh In Wet Cloths

Hans-Sachs-Strasse hard Aug.21th

the 20th Times by the gay street festival in the Hans-Sachs-Ickstattstrasse and now already happened. What is considered since 1991 Birthday celebration of gay communications and cultural center in Munich, short sub, is created, this year celebrates its own anniversary. And gets a VIP visitor from Scandinavia. Hera Björk, this year's candidate in the Eurovision Song Contest for Iceland € ("Je ne sais quoi") is 21 August the 24th personally sub Happy birthday. It is the club since 1986.
The Hans-Sachs-Strasse 2010 festival is dedicated to the Euro Vision Song Contest.
This continues the Munich-based European countries round the gay center, which it has in the past year, with Italy ("Ferragosto") started.
2010, it is about the Nordic countries in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. They form the framework for this year's topic. Motto, "That ice was never" "Our slogan combined the ice of the North with the glow of hot hits," says John Schick, of the Gay Street Festival together with Sabine Schäfer organized major year for Sub. As the topic is right for a gay street party? "Without Gays and without the Nordic countries, there would be no Euro vision Song Contest," said Schick is safe.
"But Sweden knows ten preliminary rounds which accompany the fans with numerous parties. We want to use this year for us. "Deny the cultural program for the Hans-Sachs-Strasse hard for even Artists such as Koko Kay, giving the major highlights from the history of the Euro Vision Song Contest for the best. "Hera Björk our surprise guest," says co-organizer Schaefer. Three times the singer was in the elimination process for Iceland on the stage. In 2008 she sang in the background chorus of € Band, 2009 for Yohanna, 2010, she herself was the star. Björk, has nothing to do with the Icelandic pop star Björk has published only two solo albums. For weeks she advertises on its website for the concert in Munich.
On the road to compete this Saturday and also hosts a number of information stands for the attention of the guests. Against 19 Clock of its NY.Club Dance Lounge opens prior to the faun. Details are hard to program and it stalls constantly This is
Hans-Sachs-Strasse hard it since 1991. At that time, the Gay Street Festival was held for the first time on the occasion of the 5th Anniversary of the Munich gay center instead. Since then it has established itself and is always held on Saturday after the Assumption in August.
The Hans-Sachs-Strasse hard after the CSD sure the biggest event of the Munich scene. Over 10,000 visitors come every year, and not just lesbians and gays. Long been a gay street festival is also popular with families with children. And because the Nordic countries, such a good child care can show themselves to be the Hans-Sachs-Strasse 21 hard August look very professional to the kids. But the organizers set up specifically up a bright yellow, American, PO Box. Trained educators take the kids.
The colorful clock starts against 15, make up about 22 traditional end clock waltzes the party. Preparations running since January, are all provided voluntarily. The Gay
communication and cultural center is a nonprofit organization that thrives on money from the city of Munich and the government of Upper Bavaria, is also financed through membership fees and donations. The Hans-Sachs-Strasse hard even by many sponsors support & so by the insurance industry colleagues Thomas, Gay Consulting, the NY.Club and pension at the main station. From Max & Milian, the gay bookstore coming Iceland flags that are ready until three weeks before the festival in the sub and at Max & Milian for Hera Björk. Media Partner of the street festival is the scene magazine Leo. Thank you very much at this point! Mild
birthday gifts are welcome despite sponsors! By the way, not only in the far north of Europe, as usual, and even more beautiful if it is to a birthday serenade. The organizers are looking forward to Hera Björk! The Gay Street Festival is the 20th Sub Welcome!
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