Monday, August 2, 2010

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sprawl from the neighboring garden has to go

verdict: About property boundaries growing branches must go. At least if you interfere with the neighbors much.
Rich green in the garden is felt mostly by neighbors as a positive. But the latest, if by uncontrolled growth and shading resulting in considerable damage, it's over with kindness. In deciding a case over which, according to the real estate site the district court of Coburg, had a garden owner must now his numerous large trees trim (Az: 33 S 26/08).

Although the total of 18 spruce and birch were already about 30 years along the property line. But they got bigger and bigger. They grew not only to heaven, but also in the direction of the garden of the applicant. Up to four feet it extends into the property. The resulting black-and anger with the constantly falling down needles, branches and cones induced the man finally to bring action in court.

And that gave him, according to the real estate portal right: unlike the defendant, the judges were of the opinion that the proliferation represents an obstacle to the neighbors. This must therefore gone to the court.

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