Thursday, September 16, 2010

Funny Stuff To Put In Cards

1860-2010: 150 years of fish and chips

This probably invented around 1860 in London Court of fish and chips in batter or breadcrumbs from a deep-fried fish fillet and fries. The UK snack classic was, like double-decker bus and red telephone booths to a symbol that even today inspires many a chef.
The exact birth of the symbol of the British snack culture that has conquered in different modifications of Australia and New Zealand to Africa and to Canada the globe, is not readily determinable. Charles Dickens is the first who mentioned in his novel Oliver Twist a stand that sells fried fish. That was in 1839. Also frits were then already known, but not in this combination. Commonly it is assumed that the original version of the back fish (pescado frito of) in the 17th and 18 Century by Portuguese Jews was brought to England.

In the second half of the 19th Century was the consumption of fish among the British working class very common, as developed at that time, the use of steam ships in the fishing fleet in the North Sea. But in 1860 a Jewish businessman named Joseph Malin came upon the idea of fish and potatoes combine and open the first fish and chips shop in London. His pioneering role is controversial, because the county of Lancashire claimed the invention of the culinary crown jewel.

In England especially the cod, which is used in fish and chips, but there are also stone Köhler and even plaice and rays. In the north of the country there is haddock predominates. Long time, fish and chips sold in newspaper - Which may explain the high circulation of the British press. Used today, as with any Big Mac or a bowl made from recycled cardboard. By the way it is managed fish and chips, to compete today against the American fast-food monster. The English classic snack is still Take-Away-Star number one in the British Kingdom.


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