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How long will we be fooled?

Yesterday I received an e-mail vobn a broker colleague, this email has me quite a lot of fear, abe Read for yourself.

Dear colleague

The real estate professionals meeting in Cologne in 2010 is behind us. Here are my conclusions:
Let's not kid ourselves: We are Crisis profiteers.
2010 is at most a good year, some are sold out.

And why?

The fear of rising inflation, the fear of inflation washes us
still willing buyers out the door than usual number of colleagues have reported that even leave
slow-moving like hot cakes.

One question I have asked each in Cologne: What is the Barzahleranteil?
So the proportion of people can do without funding, the money has in the bank. The numbers went up to 50%. 50% of buyers paid cash. And not only the 50,000 / EUR 80,000 objects. No - 200,000, 300,000, 400,000 € Houses.

The reason: People trust the paper money is not everything and rearrange in concrete gold.
Ostensibly the argument is: You get nothing more so in the bank (interest).
runs deep - at least for the elderly and the well informed the fear of a currency section, of a currency reform, a national bankruptcy.
I fantasizing? Focus Money from the 15th September 2010 titled: The state is bankrupt. We

Agents can benefit. When we realize that now is harvest time.

It's times like now, in midsummer in agriculture. If it is dry, the man sits clock in the morning of 5 to 11 clock in the evening at the combine. Pause can be made later. So balls of all it's worth. Because we do not know how long will the magic still.

We do not know how long the system exists dollar / euro is in this form?
I make jokes? I'm Out of Control? Do I want to make me important?
I moved into the camp of doomsayers?

Not yet. But if you pre-crisis with investment funds in an average of 25% has made a profit (after tax) and then plunges into the crisis, the 68% deposit, then you wonder how come this and researched. And I've done the past 24 months.

I was last week at a seminar where I saw the following table

How long will the world's reserve currency?

1450 - 1530 = 80 years
1530-1640 English = 110 years

1640-1720 Dutch = 80 years

1720-1815 French = 95 years
1815-1920 = 105 years British

1920-2010 American = 90 years?

average 93 years

The dollar has since 1913 about 97% of its purchasing power lost
the euro since its introduction about 55%.

The last 30 years has quadrupled the volume of goods vervierzigfacht the money supply.
This is inflation. What We close

from this topic?

We live in an age end of the dollar / euro

The reasons why we are holding the bag uncovered paper currency
combined with debt Mach incompetent politicians. The sell us every day for an idiot, so that can earn a small group of smart guys stupid and dimwitted

gross domestic product figures, unemployment statistics, debt levels, inflation:
all prettied up to stop. Whoever does not believe the times I've attached the recent adjustment of the consumer price index. I have the last 9 years not knowing how their agreement in approximately 300 leases.

The causes of the crisis have been eliminated. Get out of the number we do not, the alternatives are

a. higher inflation (officially then probably at 3-4%, ie, real inflation around 10%)
Who wants to have something for retirement travel? Increasing resentment.

b. with rising inflation (money supply increases, quantity of goods remains the same) are more and more restless people
-> Trend of hyperinflation followed

c. National bankruptcy and currency reform

d. Japanese relations (20 years, zero motion, can not save 20 years)

e. war

Most experts expect that the world monetary system in the next 24 -48 Months goes up. So do I.

Now what good broker?

first We must understand the times we live (in EURO-DOLLAR END TIMES)
Can it be still lasts 20 years, will be in 3 years or in 6 months it's over.

second If it crashes right with currency reform - will be first used then no broker

third On the way there will be a time of rising inflation and real estate will be searched as a supposedly safe haven.

What many: was 1949 a currency reform, currency section 100: 6
who had six hundred DM DM got it

What many do not know: 1952 there was the Compensation Act:
Each property owner had the more than 155,000 DM in property value has been charged with a special mortgage on 50% of its property assets. For the Federal Republic of Germany, payable in 120 equal quarterly installments (30 years!) Together with a built-interest. And where there is

of the state to the next time: Of course, one of which have it.

We can still sell real estate and holes - if we know what arguments we can abdiskutieren people.

And what are we waiting for?

We do not have enough objects. The old broker disease. And would

we do not find enough objects not included in our price also prefer an indoor commission - preferably not just 5 or 6%, special, 7% 8% and sometimes 10%

precisely on these issues

PLATZHIRSCH BE in 24 months
PS here's a foretaste as we get ripped
PSS The good thing: From this Verarsche We Create Our 1a arguments for buying

Here, the consumer price index scam

The consumer price index, The official inflation knife is 1990-2010 zugelegt.Die by 16.2% real inflation rate, however since the introduction EURO of 55%.
for cigarettes, diesel, gasoline and heating oil I've even understood, since introduction between € 45 and 60% increased

The consumer price index of inflation should reflect is manipulated to stop.
Who does not believe it. Here the adjustment from 2005 to 2010 for Austria. Also applies to the EC.

Some examples:
The shares in the basket

4.3.1 sink material for the maintenance of the house of 3.47% to 1.48%
Are you the maintenance costs in the last 5 years decreased by 134%

4.3.2 Service for maintenance / repair of the dwelling to fall from 1.63% to 0.88%
Are you the maintenance costs in the past 5 years have become cheaper by half?

Germany needs less glasses ( (although we all get older, but apparently only the die wear glasses). How else would
explained that the market basket percentage decline for lenses of 0.24% to 0.0486%.
A fall around your 500%.

The choice doctors / specialist ( falls from 0.43% to 0.089% = a drop of about 500%

regular gasoline fell from 0.48% to 0.14% = around 350%, while Super fast remains the same (1.3049 to 1.3079%)

We wash our cars more often? (0.0425 to 0.0560) of the Spengler good 50% cost more?, As the mechanic?
you leave your car to remove 50% more than 5 years ago. The oil service, air conditioning service, tire service
to have increased 50%.

PC decreases from, 14% to 0.05% share. Do we have more computers in the office than in 2005?
notebook drops from 0.1834% to 0.0937%
Who wants to know exactly how comes learns a new word: it is called the hedonic price adjustment.
www.besema.de / Verdummungsspielchen% 20fuer% 20the% 20Volk.pdf

It are also good news: We
that on average 3 times as much in the theaters, even in the spoken theater
Music Theatre of up to 0.1215%, 038% from 2005 to 2010
Stage Play up from 0.1412% to 0.4676% of 2005 to 2010

In contrast, the kindergarten to be less visited: the difference more than 100% decreases from 0.1964 to 0.0919
. We have more or less constant wages.
in 2010 no fewer children are from 2005. But the approach is reduced by over 100%
A rogue who thinks evil of it.

A good news for students yet. The tuition fees have become less real.
at least according to the statistics. Decrease by approximately 250% from 0.14% to 0.04%. How so?
I do not know. It's just part of the fraud.

Get out
People eat twice as much pizza as 2010 2005 = 0.0237 to 0.0447% of
And twice as much chocolate cake 0.11 to 0.21%
The proportion of restaurants and hotels increased by 7, 2% to 15.5% in 2010
It will thus eat twice as many people away as in 2005.
not you? Then change rapidly.

stay there even 200% more people in hotels. From 1.34% to 4.24%
wedding rings are about 60% longer needed. Necklaces 100%

But it is also cheaper - at least according to statistics
more than 120% have their household insurance have resigned - said the shopping
a private health insurance fell from 1.83% to 0.48%. So by about 260%
partial coverage is down from 0.58% to 0.23%. Liability insurance from 1.00% to 0.45%
you can not explain it all?
Me neither. Fraud. Ripoff. Trickery camouflage deception.

bank charges have become less 0.29 to 0.27%. Have noticed?

residential water energy - by 2005, with 17.92% to 14.55% in 2010.
reports, so all landlords - it is cheaper. Significantly. Ca. 20%
not work? Then you live in the wrong location. Everywhere else that happened.

Remember what - Light Grenades Verarsche.

Another thing to take home:
There seems to be even less sex, at least with the condom.
According to statistics, the trend is clearly away from condom represented
2005 or with 0.0185% in the cart, it is 2010, only half as high at 0.0097%.
Let us hope that the safe sex without a condom has at least doubled.

If the inflation rate, the only thing that is being manipulated?

Where do you think back - everything is fake. All that the German Michel could be dangerous, which is "adapted." For example

unemployment statistics: embellished, true values are 30-80 % About it - in America as in Germany

debt statistics: forged by a factor of 3-4 (one to the detriment of the health system and the pension system to
, one comes to debt held by about 80% of GDP to about 350% (data the OECD)

capital markets manipulated

commodity markets: manipulated

policy: unable dishonest

Do you think that should be saved with the Greece package Greece

No - of course not, it should be saved, the German and French banks?. had 24 or 34 billion lazy government bonds in their portfolios and on which you would have gone bankrupt. Or why They believe the shares of French banks on the day after the 750-billion-euro RettungspaketUm about 25% have increased the stock market.
in a day. By 25%.

tell you why I mean?
Because I want you to be awake and the time in which we are properly assess
And know what to do.

We need to get a clear picture of the situation and make a plan
what to do in order to guard not only before the crisis (rising inflation, monetary reform, government bankruptcy) but also to benefit

Whoever starts has now Insert the turbo because you can not say how long the system still holds. The usual "I try times this or that method, you can catch cold.
you must immediately get started professionally and earn money.

In the next few years, the one who knows how to convince people to sell homes even if it is close - making money without end.
The inflation / currency devaluation will occur. At some point the guys understand that all their life insurance are at risk.
that the life insurance not beat inflation. It is indeed currently under discussion for a reduction in the guaranteed interest rate of 2.25% to 1.75%.
then is the meaning of life insurance in question. And there are tidal waves of money on the market. Money that reasonably safe Investment opportunities examined.
Like in real estate.

For me is clear

who has now not very well not only fortifies a good chance of missing the market of his life, but also to get 98% of other sheep in the meat grinder.
wish I never colleagues. Until there is

with the best wishes from Wetzlar

Robert Puth


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