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Releases March 2011 -

I have in the last days a little rummaging in the latest book releases March 2011. These books I liked at first sight very well and made me curious. I once tried to explain briefly why I got stuck in these books: Hardcover / Flex Cover

1) Melissa Jacoby - the seductive charm of mediocrity
(March 14, 201 1)
First I got stuck on tracks ...
.... and then I grabbed the short description perfectly! 2) Lena Gorelik -
Dear Mischa
(2 March 2011) What a cover!
3) Sven Regener - My years with Hamburg-Heiner
(14 March 2011)
I love the trilogy by Mr. Lehman. Regener here will continue his significant writing style?
4) Michel Houellebecq - map and area (10 March 2011) this author, I would long ago have read anyway.
The abstract promises at least some ... 5) Anne Dela fleet -
Mathilde and the smell of books
(11 March 2011) book makes the title always curious .... ;-)
Pocket Books / Softcover
Let's go home.

1) Mohammed Hanif -
A Case of Exploding Mangoes
(8 March 2011)
Great title, great cover, makes me curious.

2) Catherine O'Flynn - What happened to Kate

(March 8 2011) strange cover, the story of the missing Kate

makes me curious
. The Diaries of Adrian Mole - 3) Sue Townsend: Do the difficult years after 39 (March 2011)
The previous diaries I liked - they can ? keep up
4) Oliver Pötzsch -
The Ludwig conspiracy
(1 March)
Historical Thriller?
I already knew, but Ludwig II fascinated me even as a person
5) Sina Beer Forest - The girl and the physician
(8 March 2011)
I intend to read more historical novels.

me here speaks particularly the topic (Black Death) to.
question for you: Do you fancy, often in the future read with me on new releases? Or you annoy this book lists? What are your favorites among the latest releases?

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