Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Burgundy Walls And Carpet

Favorites Statistics were read in February 2011

Ben Barko & Stefan Zeidenitz - The Xenophobe's Guide to the Germans little fun and sometimes sarcastic introduction to German culture. informative part, sometimes exaggerated, but in a nutshell.

Becca Fitzpatrick - hush, hush
My first book for teens from the Dark Romance corner, I think. Entertaining and better than I thought.

Erich Segal - Love Story

For me the most beautiful love story ever written.
And so, so sad.

Paul Auster - Travels in the Scriptorium

My first oyster at all ... probably will not my last stay.
Linguistically good book, slightly hyper-intellectual. The end ... oh well.

And then there's ....
.... these two gentlemen, I have not yet finished:

: 4 books

same time, I've even tried a new layout / new style. Like it you?


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