Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cool Quotes On Examination

film and photo to court permitted

film (and photographic) images are in the courtroom before the hearing generally allowed. The presence of journalists may not be rejected by the court with regard to space problems, because the formation of a reporting pool is possible. If a can compromise image reporting, the participants of the process their personal rights, safety or rehabilitation prospects, the exclusion of reporters image is permitted. Such threats must, however, are obvious. In addition, the exclusion rule, this is unavoidable that the court orders the anonymity of the images of such persons who are entitled to special protection, or gives instructions on the location, time, duration and type of shots. This has the Federal Constitutional Court decision of 19 December 2007 - 1 BvR 620/07 - decided , was informed about the press release today .

And because they are so beautiful, the grounds once more in the O-Ton:

"The public scrutiny of court proceedings is supported in principle by the presence of the media and their reporting is also within the interest of justice. . seen in public with their procedures and decisions in regard to the conduct of oral hearings to be the nature and intensity of public awareness with the publication in audio-visual presentations, the hearing itself is the law in a constitutional manner according to the sound and video recordings sealed;. so far is the public scrutiny of court proceedings by the public hall and reporting it. However, an agency give the appearance of a courtroom and the acting in his person the citizens also one of the satisfaction of the interest in information serving clarity of judicial proceedings. "


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