Friday, January 25, 2008

Mounting A Scope On A Hawken

Bimmer and Stuttmann Picture Taken

Fabian Bimmer and Klaus Stuttman are the winners of the flashback 2007th Fabian Bimmer won 1st Prize in the photography category, Stuttmann 1st Prize in the cartoon. Bimmer won with a picture showing protesters dressed as clowns not only the police in Heiligendamm.

Stuttmann won with one of the taz on 9 November 2007 published cartoon, which the Ministry of Interior Schäuble as Stasi listener, as described in the film "The Lives of Others" shows. Curiously, the latter motif covers virtually one on one with the photo montage of the weekly "Jungle World", which, however, that even months before the taz published (we had praised here in September this picture ). But if we go out again as nice people that the Muse here twice quite independently of each other kissing the artists. It would not be the first time

All winning images can be viewed directly (choose on the side of the rear panel right above the drop-down menu) on the website of the flashback


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