Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Is A Virina Look Like

What photojournalists to Carnival

Heike is rust-free photo journalist. We asked her what photojournalists make carnival.

DJV: Ms. Rost, what do free photo journalists during the Carnival season?

rust: Man flees and is dedicated to more important things. Content work, computer care and office cleaning.

DJV: Why do not you shoot in a beer tent?

Rost: I've been doing for ten years. Why is this for me largely stress-free. Also, I need not really think that someone edited the five hundredth time on the camera lens and bellows: "Another Photographer"

DJV: the audience, the main problem?

rust: The main problem is the beer in the beer tents. If you come to the devices, you can fix it any more. And you always carry equipment worth several thousand euros with him.

DJV: Thank you for the brief interview.

PS: Heike rust blogging too. And although here .


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