Friday, January 28, 2011

How Much Does Chanel Boots Cost ?

Paulo Coelho - Veronika decides to die

Chips I still feel like something sweet and discovered "Jam Roly Poly" on the dessert menu. When I asked the others what it means, I was zuversichert that it was a very tasty traditional dessert. And they have promised too much. Jam Roly Poly is a fairly thick dough, spread with jam, rolled up, and later with vanilla sauce or served ice I had with my camera, but it looked something like this.

Saturday tomorrow I'll be up very early, because it went along with 7 other German, three French and a English language assistant to Liverpool! During the about 2-hour drive out there has it poured with rain when we arrived at the Youth Hostel but were, fortunately, it had left off. But it was very windy! The hostel was okay (typical hostel which), but the staff were really nice. First we went to the harbor to visit the famous Albert Dock. A few impressions for you:

eclectic mix of boat and bus - but was too expensive at 12 pounds ....
We decided the Beatles museum for the next Instead, set aside days to first visit the other museums in the harbor. We have divided us, for it was to see various museums and of course everyone had other interests. The Maritime Museum was interesting, but there was lots to read ... I was particularly interested the Titanic area. The home port of the famous Titanic namely Liverpool.

After the museums we all had first enough input and went to the city center. Liverpool's architecture is a curious blend of documentary magnificence (as it was very important port city) and dilapidated houses (from the period after). Because Liverpool European Capital of Culture in 2008, then, many old buildings are renovated. A few impressions:

Then we still went to the Mathew Street - where the famous Cavern Club is where the Beatles were a frequent occurrence. When we were there, just played a Beatles cover band. The atmosphere was great ... almost all sang along to all the bricks in the cellar could read signatures from people who wanted to perpetuate that is absolutely .... and wall on the other side of the road, a second Cavern pub with original instruments of the Fab Four, and also the famous Brick. On each brick was inscribed the name of a band that has played at the Cavern Club. Wow! Conclusion: If you attended Liverpool should definitely visit the Mathew Street!
After a large portion of pasta in the hostel, we are then going on to enjoy a little nightlife. The Heebie Jeebies me as well liked - no admission, no official Dress code, cool design, great store, mix of pub and club. And good music! Again, the Beatles' charm was felt, it was about every 10 minutes a Beatles song or Beatles cover song.
On Sunday we went for a slightly shorter night in the Beatles Museum ("The Beatles Story") left. In contrast to the museums from the previous day (and most British museums) this was not free. But because we a) our student cards here and we had b) had received from the Youth Hostel "2 for 1" coupons, we paid only 4.50 instead of 12.50 pounds =).
The museum was really great! There was NEN audio guide, many pictures, original objects, videos, Replicas of original locations ... I have in hindsight may not necessarily know more about the Beatles than before (because I simply could not keep much ...) but the atmosphere in the museum was kind of mad and I was also inspired and the whole 'motivated' re more songs to listen to the Beatles.

in the Yellow Submarine!
... and in bed with John and Yoko ...

As a conclusion of our WE's, we are still short in the shopping mall ... a quick trip to Primark, and of course again found something ...

I hope you enjoyed my report. The weekend was really great, but I've also noticed that I can pull something not every weekend. Sunday night I was pretty tired ... luckily I was so smart and had my classes already prepared for Monday =). Jaja travel, makes quite fun. Let's see where I am then verschl├Ągt in two weeks ....


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