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17/01/2011 - 23/01/2011

author Anna Gavalda Fischer Verlag and two daughters. But then her husband leaves her and she is devastated. Pierre, Adrien's father and therefore ChloƩ's father can not watch the situation and takes Chloe and her daughters in the old country house of the family to bring them to other thoughts.
The atmosphere in the old cold house is not the best. The daughters Lucie and Marion are indeed reasonably cope with the new situation, but Chloe is the fraction of her old life too much. You have to cry often, and the everyday cost the effort. Your old very taciturn father is working hard to organize the budget in the old country house. But talks between law and daughter in-law's daughter initially remain scarce. But then, one evening before the fire breaks his silence Pierre. ChloƩ listens to only reluctantly. But the evening will be long ....
Review: This novel comes out with very little: a few people, a few plot points, low voltage, and thus he is not bored yet - thanks Gavaldas writing style. As light and fast as Gavalda

>> writes Be still, be still. Let me tell you. I have to unravel it all for now. This is very important. I do not know if you understand me, but you have to listen to me. I must now pull in the thread, the only question is to what. I do not know.

is sometimes read faster than they'd like. In Gavaldas books like no other I have the feeling that I'm in the middle of the scene and the action will take part. They can in as few words, a happy or agree just sad, but remained her writing style very lively:
>> I wept on his neck and forgot how uncomfortable he must have felt it, he, who never touched a man. I cried and thought occasionally to our spaghetti, which would be unpalatable if I they are not deterred. He said: "Na, na .." He said: "Sorry." He also said: "I am as sad as you are .." He did not know what to do with his hands.
You can tell as a reader, however, that Gavalda writes not as mature in this early work as she later shows. The book gets to me personally a little out of balance, because the first part (up to about page 75) is still very active, the second but then decreases and is controlled by Pierre's monologues. The end I was confused at first, you have a little look for the statement.
Conclusion: A Book about love, courage, regret, bad decisions and social conformity. Typical Gavalda, but very thought-provoking. Rather a book for the summer.


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