Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Aerogel 500 Vs Aeropro Drive

women and cars

all assholes

women, cars and roads are a chapter in itself. I am a Nestbeschmutzerin, if I move in here on this subject. No matter!

Every day I get gasping when I turn one of those rolling, cute "pedestals" see. Happy in playful pastel colors, with fun cuddly toys on the shelf or on the side windows pasted dangling creatures - something like Winnie the Pooh or Roger Rabbit. D like to have as child a name!

mirror is either on the delightful debut footwear the offspring, whose name we learn when we are stuck behind the second car "Jan-Finn-Erik on board" or fun toy, the meaning and purpose to know we never.

So I can be prepared for an upcoming launch? well ... is not this saying "funny" and should, in addition to the child seat, signaling have
Jan-Finn-Erik spits of mommy in the rear of the small car's recently digested slurry in the neck And what does Mom: Rotates, of course,
! So I have to respect at all times ensure that mom with young Jan-Finn-Erik builds no accident The sticker should read:. take into account a stressed-out, hysterical mom


They are one. The others are those who dare to perhaps more often with their lovingly named Mobile on the road. However, only from A to B, maybe even to foreign cities, or even C. HIGHWAYS! For heaven's sake. They can not do. The veteran driver braked

like once unmotivated because they are not sure whether it is on the right track. The view she must finally adhere to their Google Maps printout.

So, here take note: you know not, so be ready to brake, or even better - quickly pass it.

you like to drive slow. Place first in all Rest of the canal, if the traffic light turns green and then plod slowly through the city. When the next traffic light is in sight, they are "ready to brake" - means that you take your foot off the gas.

It could be that the lights unexpectedly "red" is and they need a screeching halt. So they roll onto the light warning device which is as constant as long of course "green" until the driver is about. Then it turns yellow! Slows them or the gas? You do not know. So, look, my distance.

Worst of all are those who borrow Dad's car. With a beating heart, fear in the neck and a lot of Exhortations they are on their way. Dad is sitting at home pounding heart and a fever.

The seat pushed way to the front, back and she clutched-driving the car. His gaze fixed forward, not right, not left and not look back in the rearview mirror.

Again, by quick.

girls, some time before we do anything, there are still mostly women who annoy us on the road.

And the reasons I mentioned above. I lean back satisfied: I can drive a car, not afraid of big cities, foreign countries, traffic lights or parking lots have


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