Friday, June 1, 2007

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My life in a construction site

all assholes!

I like living on the edge of Rüttenscheid. But in recent months it is hard to bear. A construction site after the other. image

was dredged for months on the Pauline / corner Müller-Breslau, so there was no way through. When this site was finally removed, it went on. Veronica Street was torn up in all sorts of places and barely patched. The shock of my car were delighted with this additional burden. Of course it's me as a cyclist not much better. A constant balancing act of edges requires a strong back. On the road changes
Frank also like to alert the site location. Sometimes right, sometimes left. Recently, two sites in succession.
And do not forget the construction site at Quarter 4, which I must also pass through daily. The
Wusthoffstraße and Valentin street are long gone as a parking space. And here comes
the problem: There are no parking spaces. To some part of Walpurgis road is absolutely prohibited - completely absurd! The road is in the direction of Veronica Street a one way. Cyclists should that be useful! The no parking sign is completely arbitrary from the randomly placed there standing lantern.

It is hardly a night parka place to find local residents and we ask ourselves then sometimes even into the parking zone or in a part of the holding prohibition.
Like the other day. The front part of my car was facing the lamp, the rear just behind the lantern, which is perhaps 1 meter car illegally parked. The city of Essen
sends its police officers also like the late evening, happy to 20-24 Clock, if the parking problems are greatest.
So I have already received a parking ticket at 15 euros. I think that's one rip! my anger at the Korinthenkackerei I can not describe. I will formulate times a friendly letter to the city of Essen, probably unsuccessful.
So must, be said!


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