Friday, June 8, 2007

Jc Penny Saloon Waxing Serivces Price List

love all mean ..

all assholes!

I am a friend of the "Perfect Dinner" and see me as often as possible. People are more or less amusing, boring or stupid.
After each feeding orgies then critically assessed.
The experts always say the same: "The meat was too raw, through to laff, too dry or NOT TO THE POINT!"? What kind of a point? The point of view?

my chops today took a wrong position. Or, the roll will be judged on the following criteria.
I suggest: Chicken must be cooked through to the point, lamb should be tender and to the point Cattle must still be red-raw to the point. What about vegetables? Is there also a point! And who determines when the point is reached?

These hypocrites! Behave as they would otherwise eat always first class! They sit at home at Resopaltisch and have the artificial flowers on the wax tablecloth!
Then there is the duration of whiners, but also do not like. "This is not my thing either" case "!

The do not like fish and meat, not like asparagus and just a potato in rice, you get an allergy and noodles they eat only in the form of polar bears.
dessert they do not like if anything, the only paradise cream.
wine only from the Upper Palatinate of organic farmers and not drink before dinner.

The rain on me!

Even they cook some organic mush - Ayurvedic to type. "Too much strengthened Vatta makes too little uncomfortable bloating and Kapha the inertia of the masses". This is their explanation for the minimalist diet
Even you forgive like "VERY nicely MEANT 3-4 points!

you are mortally offended, of course, even if they tap only 15 points, it does not show it and come along with a sly Confucius saying: "The superior man wins friends by his erudition and refined with the help of these friends, he promotes his humanity. "But there

I love it all meant 15 kicks ass!


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