Monday, June 11, 2007

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Live your dream


New Soap on Pro 7 People have fulfilled this dream and Pro 7. I have seen an example:

Heinrich (25) - nicknamed 'Cube' - has a dream: to open a beach bar in Thailand. He manages to infect Helen (26) and Chris (22) with his enthusiasm. The three announced their jobs and make the € 10,000 in the pocket on the road - rather naively, as it turns out. The first days will be a crucial test for the friendship. But for 'Cube' there is no turning back.
you do it, finally, the Bar to rent, renovate and moderately well on the opening day guests arrive.
All this within 7 days.
If you have been in Thailand, knows that nothing goes unattended and what you offer often do not be available! (NO HEPP)
The rumgefuchtelt have a little bit with the ruler and wrote nothing. The next day, the crowd stood on the mat, all without a contract, and is going down. After 3 days were finished. Everything fit?
The cabin was rented of course with a handshake. For one year. Cash held Täsch!
One guy had no money then. He has betrayed his two Compagnion who were totally pissed.
him but then has the bad conscience packed and hey presto the next day Mom has let him get € 2000. yes as it goes so fast! Especially to Koh Phangan.
I was doing all that absolutely furious. Because naive people vorgegauckelt is that it's enough to go abroad, just with a dream and everything works. Then, when times something does not go as smoothly comes the nice Thai uncle and helps out. "Numbers you can if you have money."
How to broadcast such a thing only? How naive Easterners go now with their savings on the way and think they are within a week the owner of a great beach bar, which yields enough money to keep people well at 3 am shit.

Completely Stupid


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