Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cervix Hard And Low Before Period

07 / 02/2011 - 13/02/2011



Open it to any page.
two (2) sets
of this page in your Teaser Tuesday - Post.
No spoilers! (Make sure that your sentences not / do not say too much.) Name the author and book if you like is the cover of your edition. a comment / link on the page Should be Reading is of course welcome.

"In October 1882 Edward Pease founded the fellowship of the New Life, and the younger Well Woods went to its meetings. They discussed, there and at the Democratic Federation, organization of unemployed labor, the feeding of board school children, nationalization tion of mines and railways, the construction, by public bodies, of homes fit for the People. "(P. 33, paperback edition)
.... not the most interesting quote, but it does demonstrate quite well the style of this book .... not ... the most exciting quote but it tells you a lot about the style of the book ...


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