Sunday, February 6, 2011

Pain Left Back Above Waist

2002 in this wonderful, spooky tale of a girl caught on the wrong side of a door, with counterfeit parents who have buttons for eyes and who clearly intend to set forth Do Not free. Read it if you dare!
Content: Coraline, our heroine is a bright and intelligent girl who loves discovering the world ("I want to explore."). It is also very curious, and because it is very annoying that it's raining outside school holidays if you ever have the parents ..... no time for Coraline, both work a lot on the computer. So Coraline decides to discover her new apartment, in which she has just moved with her parents. She learns the neighbors know: the elderly actresses Miss Forcible and Miss Spink, and the grumpy man who also lives in the attic. Then Coraline discovered the strange door in the room that was walled up .....
..... and even more interesting is the whole thing for Coraline when the door is bricked and can not suddenly Coraline enter a new world, a parallel world. The apartment looks exactly like their native ones, and their parents there, only these have buttons instead of eyes! What at first appeared to be an exciting adventure for Coraline fairly quickly into a nightmare and they must summon all their courage to escape from the New World.
Review: Coraline is clearly a book for children and youth (it is recommended for children over 10 years). The plot is fairly simple, there is only one plot and the language is kept simple. And yet I had my fun with this book! Coraline is a very bright girl and she is one of sympathy as a reader from the start. Even the setting I found exciting and well described: an old house, some uninhabited, a garden and to ├╝berwuchterter still foggy and gray weather. This is supported even by drawings, which are scattered here and there in the story. For an adult reader and the end parts of the plot are of course partly predictable, but I found the book yet written in a lively and believable. The idea is based on the story is simple but smart and Gaiman has achieved a good balance between reality and fantasy. Even with me then but has some slight horror set.
For children, the book is recommended in any case: the story is exciting and scary, but not too complex. The individual pictures loose on the whole, and help the children to imagine the scene. The book fits in well with the transition of children - young people's literature.
Conclusion: A child / youth with an exciting story and likeable heroine. As an adult reader should expect no Allagen book, but you can still have joy in this story. It appears very easily into the story, can shudder a bit and enjoy above all the original characters and the great setting.
Note: who occasionally like to read something in English, or brush up on his English a little wish for this book is recommended in any case, since the language very simple, the plot is still exciting and interesting but.


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