Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lyme Disease In December

Teaser Tuesday 08/02/11 Sheffield

On 29 January I spent a day in Sheffield (And I realize now that I hang with my reports a little behind ...). This time I did not have great expectations for the city - a couple of other assistants had already told me that the city is just "okay" and would be in my big Lonely Planet Guide for UK Sheffield is not even mentioned .... When you come out of the station, you see the same modern architecture, which also characterizes the city center. I especially like is the many symmetry:
at the train station

From the station I went to the city center, where I first went modern in the Sheffield Winter Gardens . This glass house was built in 2003 and, together with several other buildings such as the Peace Gardens to "heart of the city regeneration project" with which you have tried the center of Sheffield attractive again. - Sheffield was in fact since 19 Century, the center of the steel industry, and accordingly has suffered greatly from industrialization and war. In addition to the winter garden is the Art Gallery, but since the weather was so good, I've seen only briefly in the great museum shop over, but which I easily could have bought empty.
Sheffield Winter Gardens
cutlery art at the entrance of the art gallery

After the winter garden, I went to the cathedral, the 15th Century has begun. The cathedral has me very much, but see for yourself:
Sheffield Cathedral / Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul
The Lantern Tower Then I went to City Hall and the Peace Gardens. The Peace Gardens are a small water system with many wells. The facility was first called St. Paul's Gardens, but since Hiroshima residents call the plant Sheffield Peace Gardens. Meanwhile, the name is official.
front of City Hall and then I'm still on a Mini-Walk of Fame encountered. Of the approximately 12 badges but I knew only the following two:

Town Hall
The City Hall

a bit deserted that day ....

On the way back to the station it was then already dark and I could still see a few of the beautiful light installations:
Winter Gardens in the dark
intelligent stairs (with motion sensor)
My conclusion from Sheffield? A good trip for a day, not more. Sheffield has been the city that I was somehow reminded of most of Germany. Perhaps because of all modern architecture? shopping is coming, with the 5th UK's largest shopping mall (Meadowhall), of course, quite good on their money ...


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