Sunday, January 4, 2009

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introduction to the study of Arabic language in Damascus

Syria is basically a country like any other. Everything will work, but not necessarily as how it intends to do or how you have heard that it is dysfunctional. Therefore not be surprised if something does not work the way it is described here. It will reach its target in any case, even if the target was adjusted in the course of achieving the conditions.

To study the Arabic language in Damascus may be due to the relatively small administrative burden and decide very quickly. There are pre-departure (as opposed to the Erasmus or Socrates programs), virtually no administrative preparations required. Decision, flights, visa and health insurance (for the case), more is not really required before departure. To study at the university prior contact neither necessary nor possible. The receipt of the visa and to renew or transfer to a residence permit is relatively easy.

Even the daily test consists Syria: Unlike other Arab countries, it is possible for example a newspaper successfully in a public park to read without constantly interrupted and surrounded by a crowd of children to be. Syrians are fundamentally honest. Thus, for example, live in the "prefabricated houses Berzeh" or eat the cookies "Technical and Co. for Food and Chemical Industries". Graffiti is very rare.

The cost of living in Syria, despite tuition fees low. Damascus is one of the most prestigious places of the to learn Arabic language and offers many opportunities for study. This reputation is based on the will and the ability of the Syrians with foreigners Fusha (standard language) to speak. In her claim that the Syrian Ammiya (conversational) JURISDICTION near the Fusha, it is my opinion, a rumor. This may indeed be the case relatively (compared to eg the Ammiya Egypt or even the Maghreb countries), but surely not objective. Not only the dialect is miles away from the high-level language, it differs significantly not only between the cities of Syria but even between different parts of the city Damascus.

Who concerns because of the "security situation" in Damascus has, whether in general or because of the perception of Syria as a "rogue state", or who must reassure friends and relatives, I recommend a look at the Rurik "Safety" on the sides of the Foreign Office ( One can feel at any time, day or night anywhere completely safe. Also had neither the Israeli air attack on a village near Damascus (Ain Al Sahib) in the fall of 2003 nor the attempt on the life of a Hamas leader in a refugee camp in the summer of 2004 AlZahara an impact on daily life. Because of the close cohesion between the foreigners, I was informed within hours of this new development. Neither


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