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Arabic Language Courses in Damascus

I completed several levels at the University 2003-2004 and in the past two arabesque courses attended. On the other institutions, I can only report second hand. If interested, promotes a web search out information (but often out of date), maybe even a website set up time between the institutions. The majority of postal addresses can be found under "Arabic-language courses in Syria," the [ German Embassy in Damascus].

Basically, there are full-time study opportunities (ie, year-round continuous Courses and usually oriented theory of language) and directed "tasters" (ie, teaching for a few months a year and generally speaking practice). The latter are ideal for entry or to complement a "full time" school year in Syria, or to "feel" if you even pleasure in the study of Arabic language is and whether Syria is the right country for it. Many students of Arabic (including myself) put before the beginning of Arabic studies in Germany such a "taster" field. This one has a completely different approach to language and culture than by a sole university in Germany would be possible.

with at every institution except the IFEAD the study can proceed without Arabischvorkenntnisse. At every institution except the University of Damascus is in the enrollment of Germany. You may have to enroll on site is possible on an individual basis.

principle is still drawn to the possibility of individual course (from 250 SYP per hour) and tandem (language exchange, both help each other in learning the language of the other). Language tandems, the Goethe Institute to arrange, but usually it is directly from Arab students who wish to addressed, such as the Language Centre of the University of Damascus (same building as the University Arabic Course). Of course are very many possible combinations possible, not only Arabic - German.

1.0 full-time study opportunities

uninterrupted year-round courses and generally speaking theoretically oriented

1.1 Public universities Damascus

The Language Centre of the University of Damascus offers many other languages (French, Italian, English, Russian, English) foreign one to the mastery of the intricacies (some said hair-splitting) of Arabic grammar be aimed Arabic course. Instruction is exclusively in Fusha and the texts in contrast to earlier no longer ideologically influenced. The richly erudite vocabulary covers all areas of life.

There are several levels of teaching which take a month, from beginner to expert. The placement test, plus monthly tests reflect my performance level correctly again. The lessons and the tests consist of grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension and discussion (or one call in the test).

class is five days a week, Sunday through Thursday from 9:00 to 13:00 clock. The class size varies between 15 - 20 students. High religious holidays (Muslim + Christian) and secular holidays are no classes. Students come from all over the world and have some widely divergent world views, which is reflected primarily in the discussions. Often the only language of communication among each other in Arabic. are made from the third level education has an essay in Arabic to a user selected subject.

Each month course costs 10 000 SYP (about 200 USD). The last two courses a little more cost (currently 12 000 SYP for the penultimate and last for 15 000 SYP), but have also substantially lower class sizes. Despite the massive price increase in recent (2002 cost the three-month rate 6 000 SYP, 2003, the two-month course 10 000 SYP), the University of Damascus is still one of the lowest priced options in Arabic Arabic World to learn.

The courses start in the beginning of each calendar month. Enrolment takes place in the last one to two weeks of the previous month. Prior contact with the University is neither possible nor necessary. All my attempts to contact (e-mail, fax, phone, mail) have failed. Those who still want to try:, Fax: 00963-11-2120164, Tel: 00963-11-2129494. An entry is possible at any rate, the classification in the appropriate price level is via a placement test. The university has now a website: is the website of the Language Centre of the University of Damascus, or general:

The University is spread geographically roughly on Baramkeh (law, fine arts, education, WiWi) and Mezzeh Adab (literature, languages, medicine). You take a taxi or a service (eg Jaubr - Mezzeh Autostrad or Karajat - Mezzeh of Jisr as Thauwra or Jisr al Ra'is or AlDauwar of Bab al Janubi Sharqui). Proper stop 'nafaq al Adab, Autostrad Mezzeh. After you went through the tunnel (= nafaq), it is the first round building on the right (sign in English: "Language Centre" and in Arabic: "Merkaz ta'alim alLurraat) The proper office is located in. ground floor near the entrance.
There is
told a detail which is necessary for enrollment. In my case, were the 10 000 SYP, some passport photos, a copy of information page of the passport and a letter of the message. The letter is free of charge for German students at the University of Damascus. In addition, a form must be completed in English. Those who wish to Iquama, a form gets to the "Wezira Hejra including alJauwazaat in Baramkeh and one for the" Merkaz Fahaza al AIDS in Zabladani (AIDS test for Iquama). All in all, pretty easy and after a few days you have done all the bureaucratic processes.

at irregular intervals and are also Ammiya Kalligraphiekurse offered. In addition, there is the possibility of other language courses take part (even Hebrew is offered at irregular intervals) or as a regular student to enroll and participate in lectures.

1.2 IFEAD / IFPO (Institut Francais d'Etudes Arabes Damas a / Institut Francais du Proche Orient)

Definitely the best location for a study of Arabic, roughly comparable with the LSI Bochum (National Language Institute). Excellent teaching. The high and only through hard work to be accomplished requirements leaving little time for a life while you study. Relatively expensive. Former students report that it was still worth the money. Registration is usually from Germany, in individual cases on the ground. More information at:

01.03 Arabic Institute for Foreigners

Located in Mezzeh, possibly Mezzeh Autostrad near the Iranian Embassy. Highly regimented atmosphere. On-site registration or from Germany. I have very little information about this, best to ask (former) students in Damascus to their experiences. Address on the link list of the German Embassy in Damascus. Information sheet on the website of the Syrian Embassy link "Learn Arabic".

address: "Arabic Teaching Institute for Non-Arabic Speakers", Mezzeh Villate Sharkiyya, Damascus, Syria. Tel: (00963-11) 6132646, Fax: (00963-11) 6119453, E-mail:

2.0 "taster"

oriented teaching for a few months a year and usually spoke virtually

01.02 Arabesque

Young, very ambitious institution. Responds to individual needs of students. Complete package with lessons, room in Bab Touma and visits Syrian sights. In addition, cultural program. Rates correspond to the German holidays. Target group are German-speaking students. More information at:

Review arabesque one [] and two []

02.02 Goethe Institute

The AG "Arabic in Damascus" in the rooms of the Goethe Institute's German-language summer courses for students. Four weeks cost 2004 550 € including accommodation in a Syrian family. More information: / damascus or e-mail: or Fax: + +963-11-3320849

3.2 British Council

Offered at irregular intervals Ammiya courses aimed primarily at expats, want to face the everyday situations successfully. Dates and details is available at: / syria .

2.4 Instituto Cervantes (English cultural institute)

Mohajreens At the western end (at the end of the route of the Bab Touma Services - Muhajreen) located the Instituto Cervantes offers regular courses Ammiya.

5.2 LSI Bochum

The National Language Institute organizes every year and in the rooms of the Goethe institute a language course. Data and further details can be found on the website of the LSI. Otherwise LSI offer courses in Bochum in Germany, of course, excellent teaching Arabic.

2.6 AMIDEAST (in the American Cultural Center)

AMIDEAST (American Middle East Training Centre) offers in the rooms of the American Cultural Center in irregular Arabic courses at intervals. Details will be announced by posting and taking and The American Cultural Center is located east of the American Embassy, in a side street between Iraqi and Chinese Embassy. The building is not to be missed.

7.2 IQRA Institute

With additional offices in Beirut, Amman and Cairo.
Abu Nour Mosque

apparently also offered courses for non-Muslims are not aimed at studying the Koran.

Address: Abu Nour Arabic Center, POB 7410, Damascus, Syria, Tel: 00963-11-2777158, Fax: 00963-11-2771567

2.9 Alma'aly Institute Offers three levels of

. The course duration is three months. Prices range from 12500 SYP 15000SYP and, depending on the level. The courses are in the afternoon or evening. The Institute is located in Maschrua Dummar (eponymous service of Jisr al Ra'is), Al Jezira Thalitha al. Tel: 00963 11-312 96 33 or 02 or 05 -311 - 312 22 74

Supplement Summer 2004: Meanwhile, there are more options in Damascus to learn Arabic, for example and other organizations which are slightly Internet-related systems that can perceive but usually only the intermediary between the students and the university and a landlord in Bab Touma - and pay for it royally . Let Better thus: Do it yourself, because this information is prepared and you can really go wrong.


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