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Activities in Syria

for a life in addition to the study of Arabic. Although the cultural and non cultural offerings may not live up to the level of Cairo and Beirut, it is still rarely boring. The cultural institutes organize cultural events (exhibitions, cinema, concerts ...) and maintain a library in the local language. Details of the program and any invitations are available at the reception of the respective cultural institutions.

addition, offer trips and excursions to tourist sites in Syria and neighboring countries. In summer, Swimming pool visits, and in winter skiing in Lebanon. All year the cinema in the Cham Palace Hotel. Once a year, a cinema festival with classics of cinema is performed around the world. Now and exhibitions on every possible topic (Sh @ @ m Expo Technology Exhibition, Car Show, Food Wrapping Industry, ...). The exhibitions will be posted on billboards throughout the city. The cultural institutions and some swimming pools are located on the free city maps, tourist information for attractions is the guide in charge. for cultural institutions is no website listed does not mean that none exists.

'''1 .0 cultural institutions'''

01.01 Goethe Institute in Abu

novels between Sahat Adnan Malki and Sahat Omawieen. Library (with opening times until 20:00 clock!), Cinema, exhibitions. / damascus

2.1 CCF (Centre Culturel Francais)

between Victoria and Jisr al Sahat Yussef al Azmeh, near the Computersouqus. Library, cinema, concerts (classical and modern), Internet (with a French keyboard). The most active of all cultural institutions.

01.03 American Cultural Center

The American Cultural Center is located east of the American Embassy, in a side street between Iraqi and Chinese Embassy. The building You can not miss. Wednesday Movies (Hollywood), the Internet and in my opinion the best and most complete library. To visit the Library membership is required (non 100 SYP borrowing, borrowing Memebership 500 SYP, each for one year). The toilet paper in the American Cultural Center is imported from the United States.

1.4. British Council

Near the IFEADs (Sha'alaan), small library and a few (old) daily papers, but information on British universities.

1.5 Instituto Cervantes (English cultural institute)

Mohajreens At the western end (at the end of the route of the Bab Touma Services - Muhajreen) located.

Russian Cultural Centre between 01.06

Sahat Yussef al Azmeh and "Central Bank Square.

1.7. Iranian Cultural

near the Ural @ internet cafes between Victoria and Jisr al Martyrs Square, opposite the tower shell. Access for women with headscarves.

'''2 .0. Pools'''

All listed pools are so-called "Family Pools", that is mixed gender. Admission is usually 150 SYP.

2.1. Splash

On Highway between Damascus and the Lebanese border, just before the departure Zabadani. Water slides and several pools, the biggest and best swimming pool.

2.2 Kissweh Farm

In Kissweh, idyllic place. The "Kissweh" Service stops right in front of Baramkeh. Also offers horse riding.

2.3 In Karaj Abbassyin

At the Autostrad Harasta the bus interchange Abbassyin (Karaj Hob Hob) behind the garage, on the opposite side of the "Panorama Harb Tishreen" (looks like a castle tower).

2.4. Tishreen Sports Complex south of

Baramkeh bus station. Olympic Pool, covered, open in winter, segregation, even with a gym.

cost to use the Pool 3000 SYP (50 euros!) Per month. Three times a week (Saturday, Monday, Thursday) is the pool 6:30 to 8:30 open for men.

The use of the gym costs 1000 SYP per month for three times a week or 15000 SYP for daily use (whether the gym is open on Friday, is (not me) known). Training times for men (daily) from 7-11 am and from 13-21 Clock Clock in the afternoon.

The opening times for women (me) is not known. What is clear is that women swim and go men to the gym (to be). (August 2007)

'''3 .0 Gyms'''(August 2007)

addition to the gym at Tishreen Sports Complex (see above), there are other gyms in Damascus. As an example, the following may be mentioned:

House Gym Fitness Center Saad Ben Abi Waqquas

Mazzeh West Villas

Damascus - Syria

PO BOX: 9564

Tel: + (963) 11 613 2180-613 2045

'''4 .0 skiing in Lebanon'''

information (lift plans, prices) as Recommended actually only the Cedars and Faraya ski Mazaar.

'''5 .0.''Cinema '

next to the cinema of cultural institutions and of the Cham Palace you can only give Indian schmaltz and Kung Fu films from Hong Kong, unless there is an international film festival.

'''6 .0 Nightlife'''

the Marmar nightclub in Bab Touma in the vicinity of the Hammam Bakri is the only "real" discotheque (Addendum summer 04. Possibly closed), all the rest are night clubs with Russian prostitutes. In addition, the new neighborhood of Bab Touma outside some bars. Personally, I like the "bar with no name" in the Madhat Pasha Street (Street Called Straight), near the Bab Sharqui.


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