Sunday, January 4, 2009

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money in Syria

used to have all the money you need in cash or traveler's check or take in Lebanon get at the ATM replenishment. A Syrian Pound (SYP) is relatively stable at 51.50 SYP to the U.S. dollar. The euro exchange rate fluctuates in relation to the euro-dollar exchange rate. Inflation is negligible.

Since spring 2003, there are cash machines that are connected to international payment systems. Cirrus (= Maestro in Germany, blue and red circle on the reverse of the card) is one of the accepted systems. ATMs are located at the airport, near the Cham Palace Hotel (Youssef Al Azmeh Square) and in the City Mall in Mezzeh. Of ATMs in Lebanon alongside Lebanese lira you can withdraw and U.S. dollars. Validity of the bank card note, for the like you can not nachschicken to Syria (see letter communication).

cash is exchanged at the branches of the Central Bank of Syra (CBS). The main branch at Al Youssef Azmeh Square changes traveler's checks (also € travelers checks, even if the German bank has a different opinion). Other branches are located at the Hejaz railway station and at the Bab Sharqui near Bab Touma. The black market usually offers lower rates than the CBS.

Western Union Money Transfer is cooperating with the CBS.

The cost of living in Syria are relatively low. I spent a month on average 400 U.S. dollars (rent 100 USD, 100 USD tuition fees, are free 200 USD). Since the tuition fees have the university in the summer of 2004 doubled the amount rises to around U.S. $ 100 per month $ 500.


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