Sunday, January 4, 2009

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search for information about the study of Arabic in Syria

1.1 Germany:

information on Syria and are specifically about the study of Arabic language in Damascus to find and often outdated or simply wrong.

The Foreign Office ( provides the address of the Syrian Embassy in Berlin, the latest visa information, travel information and a link to the German embassy in Damascus. This ( offers a map of the embassy, opening times and a (incomplete) address list of Arabic language courses in Syria. Several institutions offer

the Arabic courses (including IFEAD / IFPO) and the foreign cultural centers (Goethe Institute, Centre Culturel Francais, British Council, American Cultural Center, Instituto Cervantes, ...), are also available on the Internet. Left these institutions can be found in the list the Arabic language courses.

The Thorntree forum for discussion at (link "Thorntree") offers in the sections "Middle East" and "Speaking in tongues" regular discussion articles on interesting and current information. It is possible to ask ourselves questions, search the website for relevant information and connect directly with other participants in contact.

On to find current exchange rates. However, the official exchange rate of the Syrian lira (SYP) inside Syria's better than the website stated. The dollar rate is fairly constant at 1 USD = 51.5 SYP. The Euro-Syrian pound rate then depends on the current € - U.S. $ exchange rate from.

Also found in guidebooks about Syria in general and for language courses in particular. I recommend the Rough Guide or Footprint (both English).

1.2 Syria:

The tourist office north of Sahat Yussef al Azmeh (near the Cham Palace Hotel) offers free maps and maps of Damascus of Syria. Good for a first orientation. This map shows all the cultural centers, embassies and ministries, but not the colloquial names of all places.

detailed maps of Greater Damascus (similar to that posted at the bus stops) or any other area of Syria are in a stationery store between Martyrs Square and Jisr al Victoria (near the Ural @ internet cafes and the Iranian Cultural Center, across from the unfinished building) available.

Hotel in Souq Al Haramein Sarouja (between Victoria and Jisr al Jisr al Thauwra) is usually the first port of call for foreigners in Syria. This hotel can arrange many things (car, apartment, ...) and often knows the answers to tricky questions. be

The various foreign cultural centers (see above) and the institutions offering Arabic courses can also valuable sources of information, be it through friends that one of the various events or in the library meets.


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