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arrival from Germany to Syria

(Information as of June 2005)


direct flights to Syria are expensive, because Syria is not at the center of the world but at its edge. Eastern European airlines such as Tarom (Romana Air Transport) often have good offers. Most Beirut, Damascus, Amman and Cairo are the same "tariff zone" and therefore jaw flights cost the same as direct flights (the small price difference results from the different high airport taxes) (see 1.3 of Egypt "). This means that eg a flight Munich - Damascus and Amman - Munich is as expensive as Munich - Damascus - Munich (both Hub via the airline).

runs a shuttle bus from the airport for 25 SYP to Baramkeh (about 6:00 to about 24:00 Clock). The official price for a taxi to the center is 340 SYP. Most taxi drivers are, especially at night, however, require 500 SYP. The departure by plane costs a departure tax of 200 SYP. The revenue stamp is at the airport right before the security check available.

1.1 via Turkey

For longer stays, the arrival of Turkey also save money and allow for a longer stay in Syria, a flexible return. By combining two one-way flights can be also two different airlines (and their possible special offers) combine. Also a tour of the region is possible, for example by combining an outward flight to Turkey with a visit to Syria, the onward journey to Egypt and a return flight from Egypt to Germany. But one should be enough time but be able to view everything in peace.

German Wings ( flies from Stuttgart and Cologne from € 19 one way including taxes and fees to Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (a "Ryanair Airport", ie, "something outside"). This promotion is available only at certain times (such as once a month, exact date is mentioned in the newsletter, the booking is only possible on the internet). What is new is the combination of Berlin (and possibly Cologne) to Ankara Esenboga Airport. This shortens the journey to Syria at around six hours compared to Istanbul.

Germania Express ( flew from Hamburg, Berlin and Munich at a fixed price of 99 € one way to Istanbul Ataturk. By now (June 2005) Germania Express by Deutsche BA ( purchased and given up the route to Istanbul. Perhaps taking this route but dba again.

Air Berlin ( flies from many German airports in tourist resorts in Turkey, mostly on the south coast. The important thing is that you can book with the companies listed here that are actually charters, including one-way flights and stays over 28 days. Condor ( and Hapag Lloyd ( also fly from Germany to holiday resorts in Turkey.

for the Ruhr and Cologne are the properties of Correndon ( and Jetonly ( interesting. Correndon flies from the Netherlands for some money to Istanbul and Jetonly of Brussels and Liege / Liege in the holiday resorts of Turkey. Jetonly the Belgian carrier in the TUI.

Even traditional airlines (Lufthansa) often have incredible deals in Turkey they are in summer (Hochsaison!), however, quickly sold out.

From Istanbul Ataturk (IST) the subway to City Centre (Aksaray) and Esenler Otogar. Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen (SBW) drives a bus for about 5 € Havaş to Taksim and other city parts. Exact times are on the Havaş site, there is a bus every flight

from Istanbul takes the bus to Hatay (Antakya =) to Damascus at least 24 hours and costs about $ 30. It is recommended that two separate bus tickets (Istanbul - Hatay, Hatay - Damascus) instead of through tickets to buy, so you're flexible and not dependent on a bus company. The Turkish bus ticket one can easily buy locally in Turkey (either at the bus station or at the City Office of the bus company).

interesting for the trip to Istanbul is the Harem bus station on the Asian side of the Bosphorus (ferry from Eminonu / Sirkeci to Harem) instead of the Esenler Otogar (with metro station, but on the European side) since the former reduces the travel time a bit. The taxi from the bus station in Damascus Harasta center costs more than 50 SYP, not 100 SYP! (Syrian taxis have a taximeter should use the well). Alternatively, the service Karajat - Mezzeh "take Jisr Al Thauwra for 5 SYP.

Alternatively, you can also Onur Air (, sample problems with the English site may fly) for about 46 € intra Turkish from Istanbul to Adana and shorten the bus ride. The Turkish air transport was liberalized in December 2003.

It also runs a train once a week (with 2 sleeper) from Istanbul to Aleppo to Damascus. (Details at or The price in the sleeping car is about $ 50, from Istanbul Haydarapasa (Asian side, ferry from Eminonu / Sirkeci) Sunday morning 8:55 and 10:00 clock Clock from Aleppo last week. The journey takes about 36 hours. The train is much more comfortable than the bus and the bus is preferable if you want to travel on those days. Information on how to get me to find the train from Germany for railway fans is also the Man in Seat 61st

If you like bus can travel the entire route from Germany to Damascus on the bus. Varan ( runs from Bregenz, Linz / Vienna to Istanbul and from there as to Adana. Euro Lines ( travels from all over Germany to Turkey. Flying is probably more comfortable and faster, but usually cheaper.

1.2 on Lebanon

Beirut, Damascus or Amman as well as an expensive airport. LTU ( flies from Dusseldorf to Beirut recently and could also have low prices than traditional scheduled airlines. Apparently you can fly one-way only from Dusseldorf to Beirut, but not vice versa.

1.3 over Egypt

This option is only interesting if you want to combine a (tourist) stay in Egypt with an Arabic Studies in Damascus and two one-way cheap flights (eg back to Turkey, returned from Egypt) or studying Arabic in Damascus and Cairo wants. (Hint:

Note 1: scheduled airlines consider Damascus and Cairo (as well as Amman and Beirut) than the same "tariff zone", so cost-jaw flights usually the same as direct flights. However, airlines have scheduled one-way flights dearly.

Note 2: If the trip to Egypt is not the ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba (Information: or or by plane but on Israel / Palestine, one must also be aware that this from Syria should not and you have to inform going beyond this report from other sources. There

Currently there are only three (charter) airlines to allow one-way flights that begin in Egypt (but not on all connections), since these flights are subject to a variety of arrangements. These regulations but could change at short notice and liberalize the market.

Condor ( (three-digit flight numbers) flies from resorts such as Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Luxor to Germany.

Hapag Lloyd ( flies from Cairo to Munich (not from Sharm el Sheikh, Hurghada and Luxor). (Now merged into

Jetonly ( (Belgian TUI) flies from Cairo to Brussels (interesting for the Ruhr). (Now merged into

One way (charter) starting in Germany are joining what is possible with the above mentioned companies as well as Air Berlin (


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