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travel to Syria, residence permit for Syria

to obtain the Syrian visa in Germany or to convert the visa into a residence permit (Iquama) on site and the extension of the Visa site headaches.

principle is to enter on a tourist visa. This can be extended either on site or be converted into a residence permit (Iquama). The tourist visa is easily available by post from the Syrian Embassy in Berlin within a few days. (Form can be downloaded at

course, the passport may not indicate a stay in Israel to be present and the question on the visa application, whether "ever in occupied Palestine was "in the negative must. If the passport" guidelines "(Egyptian or Jordanian stamps a border with Israel, or even Israeli stamp) on a visit to Israel is, you do not have his passport to" lose "to get a new passport. The city office seen problems of this kind very understanding and, at the request (informally, giving reasons) a new passport.

The validity of the visa (three or six months), the possible entry period ("entry window"). 30 days after of entry must either have the training and re-entry (for a multiple entry visa) or be carried for a visa (single entry and multiple entry) extended (tourist status) or be converted into a residence permit (Iquama). The entry stamp but says that they should be reported within 15 days of the entry of the "Surete Generale," but this must be taken only after a month. The scheme is new but the stamp, not yet. The note, which you fill in the entry, must be presented upon departure, or does the failure to observe the rule a "fee" of 100 SYP.

What a Iquama or a visa extension is exactly and how to get it and what is to be observed, see "Iquama" or "extension of visa".


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