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(un) Official Arabic Study FAQ Thread of (English) = 1 & parentid = 0

article in FAZ Hochschulanzeiger ~ ~ EB86008BF7FC1476390D021A70DF3A1DD ATpl ~ ~ Ecommon Scontent.html

final report of a student on a year of study at the University of Damascus under the exchange program, University of Freiburg University of Damascus 2005-2006

Several reviews of the studies at the University of Damascus on the side of the'''Daad'''

''Arabic for Beginners''in university lecture hall free magazine) published May 20 005

Article of Arabic Studies in Damascus (among others) in Unicum (free academic journal) about 2001

article on the study of Arabic in Damascus by the New York Times (especially on Mezzeh Institute): "Students of Arabic Learn at a Syrian Crossroads", Nov 14, 2007, by Thanassis Cambanis. Also published (same title) at 03/10/2008 The New York Times supplement to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, page 7

General information on Syria from the BBC (English)

Reviews DAAD Cairo Arabic courses all over the Arab world

http://cairo.daad .de/de/E.3.html

report about a semester abroad in Syria Jennifer Katrin Seifert, September 2003-February 2004 (pdf) 20Syrien.pdf

report in TIME about the coexistence of Syrians and foreign language students: "'South Park' on rogue state" by Patrick Witte on 23/05/2008

study the article in Der Spiegel in Damascus: "Studying with water pipe and intelligence "by Louise on 19/08/2008 Sammann, 1518,572849,00 html

article in Der Spiegel about Ramadan in Damascus." feast Ramadan: How

Allah in Syria "by Lutz Kaulfuß 03.09.2008, 1518,575798,00 html

article in the. Süddeutsche Zeitung about the Arabic study at the University of Damascus:

"Learn Arabic - Lost in Translation" by S. Lode on 01/08/2009 in the Süddeutsche Zeitung / 482625/text /

article in Der Spiegel about the party venues in Damascus, Cairo and Tehran, "party night in the East: Risky Flirt Africa on the Boulevard" 12.10.2009 reise/fernweh/0, 1518,653893,00. html /

article in National Geographic about Arab Christians, including the monastery of Deir Mar Musa near Nabk: "Arab Christians: The Forgotten Faithful" by Don Belt, June 2009

http://ngm.nationalgeographic. com/2009/06/arab-christians/belt-text/1

article in National Geographic about Syria itself, "Reinventing Syria" by Don Belt, November 2009 2009/11/syria/belt-text

article in Der Spiegel about studying and life as a student in Damascus (with current prices): "What does the world: Damascus, spicy and wild" by Mark Roehling, The mirror, 17 November 2009, 1518,660530,00 html

article in the New York Times about Syria as a destination in itself. "The Road Back to Damascus "by Seth Sherwood, New York Times, 24 June 2007

The corresponding range images: / 06/21/travel/20070624_SYRIA_SLIDESHOW_1.html

article in Der Spiegel about the study at the American University of Beirut: "Studying in Lebanon
'Political Science Nonsense?'" by Theresa Breuer 20th January 2010, 1518,671222,00 html

article in the New York Times on travel through Syria to the be. "Next Stop: Tourists Return to an Ancient Cross Roads in Syria "by Lionel Beehner 24th January 2010

The corresponding range images (highly recommended shows, but usually instead of Aleppo Damascus, but does nothing): http: / /

article in Der Spiegel about the gentrification of the old city of Damascus by the Arab students: "Damascus: W-LAN in the Fairy Tales" Simon Kremer and Marc Röhlig 24 . February 2010, 1518,677934,00 html

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