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types of visas for their stay in Syria and visiting the neighboring countries

As described above, entitle both Visa without extension or conversion to a Iquama or training and re-entry only to a stay of 30 days after entry.

1.0 entry visas from the Syrian Embassy in Berlin

1.1. Single Entry, 26 € fee, 3 months "entry window" Can the Syrian Embassy in Berlin

be converted or extended on-site to either a Iquama. Iquama without a return from Lebanon is officially impossible. In practice, at the border for a fee which is calculated from a combination of lunar phases and personal zodiac sign for a new visa to be purchased (possibly 12 USD to 56 USD, the rate seems to be negotiable).

If you stay longer than 6 months and is studying at the university anyway (and qualified for the Iquama), one saves 30 euros compared to the multiple entry visa.

1.2. Multiple Entry, 45 € fee, 6 months "entry window," Can the Syrian Embassy in Berlin

be converted or extended on-site to either a Iquama. Even without a visit to Lebanon Iquama is possible. After the re-entry you automatically the right to stay for another 30 days. That means you can every 29 days to Lebanon (or Jordan or Turkey or Iraq in theory) to visit and so up to six months without Iquama or extend stay in the country.

second Extension of stay (Iquama and extension of the visa), Syria

As described above, a tourist visa on the spot to either a Iquama be converted or extended. This takes the "Wezira Hejra including al Jawwazaat" held in Baramkeh, near "Jisr al Ra'is" (Sun-Thurs, 9-14 Clock, second floor). Virtually all the bureaucratic processes require revenue stamps. The fee for each operation is about 50 SYP and are available in the copy shop next to the ministry. For both (Iquama and extension of the visa) must be given an address.

1.2 Iquama (residence permit), about 1 USD Tax, local available

You can get a residence permit, inter alia, as a student of Arabic at the University of Damascus. Necessary for this is a certificate from the university, a negative AIDS test, some passport photos, a copy of the passport information page (the one with the passport photo) and a copy of an entry visa and entry stamp. An AIDS test is not recognized in Germany. The AIDS test is carried out at the "Merkaz Fahaza al AIDS in Zabladani (between Bab Touma and Karaj Maloula / Seydnaya), and is free with a certificate from the university. Currently, the Iquama for the duration of a course at the university (one month) must be granted and then extended accordingly be. More details at: Arabic language courses => Full-time study options => University of Damascus.

With Iquama you need to leave Syria, a training and re-entry visa, which must be applied for several days before the desired departure. It is obtained, usually within an hour.

02.02 visa extension

The visa can be extended. As a tourist, or if you take private lessons. The stay can be extended beyond the validity period ("entry window") of the visa. When the original validity period of the visa has expired, you also need here is a training and re-entry permit.

3.0 Visa neighboring states, at the respective border or from the respective embassies in Syria, as described

3.1. Lebanon on the Lebanese border

A 48 hours of transit visa is available for free at the border. This entitled to a stay of three calendar days (two nights, departure from Lebanon must be made before midnight).

two weeks, for 25 000 LL (about 17 USD) to be purchased at the border. There are money changers at the border there. Also, a longer stay and / or multiple entry can be purchased at the border for a higher fee. A passport photo is required.

3.2. Jordan, the Jordanian Limit (single entry) or from the embassy in Damascus (multiple entry)

A single entry visa costs 10 JD (about 15 USD) to be purchased at the border. No photo necessary. Currency exchange and cash machine available at the border. After two weeks, an extension can be fitted in every police station. be paid for a stay of more than 48 hours must be a departure tax of 5 JD.

A visit to the Aqaba Special Economic Zone for the visa should be free. More information at or Even with the arrival in Aqaba, the visa should be free. A multiple entry visa

with three months validity can be used for a fee of about 1500 SYP (about 30 USD) at the embassy in Damascus, Abu novels ("Embassy Street") are purchased. A day waiting period and some passport pictures are necessary. Here, too, falls for a stay of more than 48 hours (transit) the departure tax in the amount of 5 JD.

more information about Jordan in

03.02 Turkey, is on the border

for entry to Turkey need a visa.

3.3. Egypt, from the embassy in Damascus or at the airport in Egypt

If you travel over land: Single entry visa from the embassy in Abu novels for about 750 SYP (about 15USD) are available. A Day waiting period and passport photos required. This visa can be extended for a longer stay in the Mogamma on Tahrir Square in Cairo.

With entry by air: Egyptian visa can be purchased at the airport for 15 USD. No photo necessary. This visa can be extended for a longer stay in the Mogamma on Tahrir Square in Cairo.

If only the Sinai is visited, a free permit is available on the Sinai port of Nuweiba. This carries no right to leave the Sinai yet to visit the entire Sinai peninsula. For more detailed information in each guide.

3.4.Irak, on the border

for entry into Iraq is currently no visa required. There is also no entry stamp, as there currently is no government in Iraq. Current information is on the wall of the Iraqi Embassy (opposite the U.S. Embassy) struck.


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