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living in Damascus

The first night will be probably in the hotel in the Souq Al Haramein Sarouja spend. If this is full of the Al Rabie recommends next door. In Bab Touma

rent Syria, mostly Christian family room with more or less family connection for about 5000 SYP per month (about 100 USD). It is more a paying "guest" as part of a "host family". The level of integration in the family depends of course on the family, length of stay and one's own efforts. Many families barely speak Fusha. Visiting Syrian friends are usually not possible. Visits by foreigners of the opposite sex usually do not attract attention. A room in Bab Touma is the easiest way to find accommodation. The room search proved relatively easy. Most of the "Uncle Ahmed shops" (in Ahnlehnung to "corner shop", only smaller) can show you the way to landlords. Otherwise, foreign friends a good source. Also the hotel provides room in Bab Al Haramein Touma, but it takes a commission from the landlord. Most foreigners live for a time in Bab Touma before they move into a flat in another part of town. Some landlords are very good at business and pay the rental income of foreigners to their daughter a nose job.

Supplement Summer 2004: Meanwhile, many landlords require 6000 SYP per month, about 100 EUR. In that more and more popular to Damascus Language acquisition can not be excluded housing shortages in the summer months.

A residential community that allows foreigners to be pure or mixed with WG Syrian students a more free and uncontrolled life as in Bab Touma. A residential community with Syrian students, gives insights into the Syrian society and facilitate the language acquisition of both parties. This is accompanied by an extension of acting skills, if the meaning of unknown words is explained. Sexually mixed WGs are usually possible, this depends both on the landlord and the city district. Either climb an existing WG or starting a. The apartment search can be frustrating be. In college, there is no bulletin board with flat displays, such as we are used to from Germany. We find homes mostly on hearsay or by asking in shops in the district or required notices in the cultural centers (especially the French). Some free-ad papers publish housing ads. Otherwise, only the broker remains in the desired neighborhood, including its lush Commission. The level of commission is negotiable!

It is practically possible (but not officially) to live in student accommodation in Mezzeh. You live very close to the university, has very close contact with Syrian students and pay a very low rent, but omitted on comfort, privacy and sleep. This option requires some stamina to get permission to find the competent authorities first and then convince them of this project.

note should whether a machine is available, whether and how the shower and the rooms are heated (the winters are very cold) and whether the rent for several months must be paid in advance and at what additional costs (eg oil in the winter for the oven). In addition, the landlord for the exact address will be interviewed (many cases is not clear), so that they can specify the "Wezira Hejra including al Jawwazaat" for the Iquama or extend the visa. I've never police (at the police station Report of the neighborhood), need only at the immigration office ("Wezira Hejra including al Jawwazaat").


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